15.11, Antwerp – Other Israeli voices: a discussion on Israel-Palestine, History and Memory with Eitan Bronstein and Eleonore Merza

15.11.2015 11:00 – Elcker Ik Breughelstraat 31 Antwerpen

Een Andere Joodse Stem warmly invites you to a discussion on Israel-Palestine, history and memory with Eleonore Merza and Eitan Bronstein from the initiative de-Colonizer; Eitan is also the founder of the Israeli organization Zochrot (“We remember”).

With the creation of the State of Israel, the Palestinians who were expelled or fled their homes were not only banished to refugee camps, but were also marginalized from history. The harsh cost of the Nakba, as the Palestinian catastrophe is called, evaded Israeli, Jewish and international intellectuals and policymakers for decades. Today, their story is being told by a new generation of Jewish and Israeli historians. With new and inclusive visions for Israel-Palestine that are based on a critical reading of Jewish and Palestinian history, Eitan Bronstein and Eleonore Merza tackle the conflict at its core.

As Jews, we can appreciate, understand, respect, and honor the history of Palestinians; this does not mean we ignore the differently-tragic history of Jewish people. In order to find a way forward, we have to understand systemic violence of occupation and dispossession in Israel-Palestine, both today and in the past. Only then can we contribute to an end to the cycle of violence.

The event will take place in English. Free entrance, all are welcome.