The Bedouin of the Jahalin: Dispossession and Resistance in the West Bank

Introduced and moderated by Brigitte Herremans

When? Saturday, December 10th, 2016, 18:00-20:00

Where? Zaal Arenberg, Community center Pianofabriek, Rue du Fort 35, 1060 Brussels

In 1950 the UN invited all member states and organizations to celebrate yearly each December 10th as Human Rights Day. At Een Andere Joodse Stem/Another Jewish Voice, we believe this day should remind people of the human rights violations that happen on a daily basis in the occupied territories. It is true that disrespect for basic human rights continues to be a worldwide phenomenon but we must always stand for the rights of specific individuals and collectivities. By reaffirming Palestinian rights, we reaffirm our common humanity.

You are all invited to attend our event “The Bedouin of the Jahalin: Dispossession and resistance in the West Bank”.
We will have the opportunity to host representatives from the Jahalin tribe. The tribe has been evicted from the Negev during 1949 following increasing pressure from Israel, and moved to the West Bank in an area East of Jerusalem. Today, the tribe faces new threats of eviction as its area of residence is considered by Israel a strategic corridor territory between Jerusalem and the Jewish settlements in the West Bank.

After a short movie about the history of the Jahalin, we will hear testimonies from their representatives about their everyday lives and continuous struggles.