Pubic Debate: Post-Election Reflections from Israel, Palestine, and the Diaspora

SUNDAY APRIL 26th – 6.00 – 8.00 pm @ PIANOFABRIEK (Fortstraat 35, 1060 St. Gillis)


Dr. Doaa Elnakhala is a Belgium-based researcher of the Middle East and North Africa. She holds a PhD degree from the Department of Government of University of Texas at Austin (UT)-USA. Since 2009, Doaa has filled different research assistant positions at George Washington, Harvard University, University of Oslo, and Indiana University. All of these positions focused on the Palestinian question and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and the Middle East.

Ilana Sumka is the founder and director of the Center for Jewish Nonviolence, cultivating a practice of Jewish nonviolence in support of Palestinian nonviolent resistance to the Israeli occupation. She previously served as Encounter’s Jerusalem director and has two decades of experience working in American and international social justice issues.

Guilel Treiber is a doctoral candidate in political philosophy. He has worked for several years in with different Jewish communities in Israel and Europe emphasizing the necessity of a multiplicity of Jewish voices concerning Israel, Palestine and Jewish life in Europe. He spent a few years in Jerusalem in different student organizations aimed mainly at empowering marginalized communities and helping individuals to cope with Israeli bureaucracy.

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